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re: Refugee League of Tamriel Charter and Code of Conduct


Hail and well met all!  Welcome to the Refugee League of Tamriel, a home-away-from-home for members of the Lonely Mountain Band, and their friends and allies, here in the world of Elder Scrolls Online.

Below are the founding principles of this League, as well as the basic rules for our day-to-day code of conduct.

1 - This guild was primarily founded for members of the Lonely Mountain Band, to have a familiar group of friends and allies in the world of Elder Scrolls Online, while being able to count on the principles of conduct that have made life in the Lonely Mountain Band such a long lasting and enjoyable experience.

As such, members of this guild are expected to conduct themselves with the same level of professionalism, courtesy and welcoming attitude that we know from the Lonely Mountain Band.

2- This will be a "family-friendly" guild.  This means that you should expect at all times that there may be young children either playing with parents or parents of young children playing - please keep any guild communications (guild chat or group chat with other guildmembers) both language and topic appropriate for possible young eyes

3 - Professionalism and Courtesy - Members are expected to treat each other with professional courtesy at all times.  Asking everyone to "like" and/or "agree" with each other at all times, is of course, unreasonable.  But whether you "like" every member or agree or disagree with them, you are expected to be able to work side-by-side with them, and not allow your personal issues or disagreements to become a problem for the rest of the guild.


**IMPORTANT** I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough.  The Lonely Mountain Band has survived more than six years, and does so primarily on the fact that it's members are men and women of exceptional character - patient, encouraging, and thoughtful - slow to anger, and swift to forgive.  Embracing our differences, respectful of each other and our different interests and priorities.  If you have any questions as to what this means, how it works, or are seeking advice on how to work within the guild within these guidelines, please ask - it is our pleasure to show as many people as could want, how safe, encouraging and welcoming an online family can be


4 - Problem mediation - if any member has any particular issue within the guild : be it guild procedures, personal concerns or issues with other members or even officers - if you cannot resolve it yourself or courteously between yourself and someone else, or feel you need someone with more authority to trust in, you are always free to contact any officer in-game AND/OR via private message (PM) - Officers are here precisely to make your experience within the guild as safe and enjoyable as possible

5 - Forums usage - The Forums are designed to try and accommodate all the usual expected needs of Guild-members communicating with each other outside of game.  In keeping with our "family-friendly" motif, all topics and language in guild chat should be written with the presence of young children kept in mind.  That includes links to outside sources.

Guild Forums are divided by topic - please try and keep your post in the right topic area - if you are unsure of which topic area a post *should* go in, just try and pick the closest possibility, and a moderator may move the topic to the appropriate place later.

Members with Moderator privileges may move, edit, or even delete posts if they are in the wrong place, or violate the topic/language requirements of posting.  If you have any issues with changes to your posts, please contact an officer or guild leader.

6 - Disciplinary action - as the current population of our guild is relatively small, any disciplinary action will be handled by the guild leader (currently Ayddenn - known as Andeon) with input from our officer corps.  This may change as the population of our guild grows, but for now, I trust disciplinary action will be a largely unnecessary concern.


This charter may expand, revise, or otherwise change as I get a better handle on how to express various things, but the core foundation of our guild will not change - We come from the Lonely Mountain Band, a tried and true family in the digital space, and I will make sure that *this* guild constantly takes it's cue from the best and most lasting features of the LMB.

There is no correct resolution; It's a test of character. (James T. Kirk)
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