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Forums/Fan sites


Skill Calculator


Action Bar Mods
Foundry Tactical Combat - UI overhaul (several components)
WarLegend HUD - UI overhaul

Auction House & Vendors
XAutoRepair - automatically repair at a vendor
Guild Store Search - allows you to do a text search of guild stores

Bags, Bank, Inventory
LootDrop - provides better info if you have auto-loot enabled
Soul Gems Counter - tracks your soul gems, both empty and filled
Dustman - Automatically sells trash items every time you visit a vendor
Loot Filter - Allows you to configure auto-loot options
Awesome Info - Provides notifications of a variety of things you decide

Buff, Debuff, Spell
WarLegend Group Frame - alternative party interface
ZAM Buff Display - shows your active buffs on the main screen

Casting Bars, Cooldowns
WarLegend HUD - UI replacement

Character Advancement
Slightly Improved XP Bar - displays the actual amount of XP you need to level
TK Skill Tracker - allows you to track hard numbers to level up your skills

Chat Mods
XTimestamp - adds a timestamp to chat messages
Spam Filter - automatically ignores gold sellers and other spammers. Configurable filters.
Chat Watch - Sets up notifications for certain zone chat messages (such as WTS or LFG)

Class & Role Specific

Combat Mods
Combat Log Statistics - tracks your combat to provide statistics for analysis (DPS/HPS/etc.)
Active Mitigation Feedback - provides additional visual and audio cues to assist in blocking and knowing what happened

Data Mods
EsoHead - records annonymous play data from the game and sends it to ESOHead to improve their database of game info

Graphic UI Mods
WarLegend Raid Frame - alternative raid UI
Wykkyd's Full Immersion - Allows UI elements to fade out to improve immersion/screenshots
Achievement Tracker - adds a window allowing you to track specific achievements
Reticle Settings - Allows you to customize the targetting reticle

Group, Guild & Friends
Wykkyd's Group Tools - allows you to auto-invite anyone who sends you a specific message (useful for running a public raid group)
Guild Info - adds character names to the guild window

Info, Plug-in Bars
Softcap Info - shows where the softcaps are for your stats in the character screen
Tim's All-in-One - Alternative toolbar to the one that comes with Wykkyd's Framework

Map, Coords, Compasses
ZrMiniMap - adds a minimap to the game
EsoHead Markers - supplement for the EsoHead add-on that shows known harvest nodes and the like on your map


Kill Log - will display nearby player kills and objective captures in your chat log

Raid Mods

Slow Dialogues - causes NPC dialogue to be displayed more slowly, rather than all at once, to improve immersion
AutoEmote - automatically perform specified emotes when you say key words.

TradeSkill Mods
XyrsGatherer - tracks harvest nodes you've discovered
Sous Chef - adds icons to your inventory to show whether ingredients are usable for known Provisioning recipes
Alchemist - Helps you learn new combinations for alchemy
Research Assistant - Adds icons to your inventory to indicate whether or not you've researched that item's trait yet


UI Media

Unit Mods
Azurah's Enhanced Interface - Allows you to rearrange the default UI

Multi-Quest Tracker - expands the quest tracker to show multiple quests instead of just one

Utility Mods
ESO Toolbox - adds advanced graphical options to the settings menu


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I also recommend for those who like to dress up. Happy

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Tearna Quickfoot

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I love Wykkd's Framework. It does things a lot of these other add ons do in one package. If you have it be sure and activate the bar (I forget the name that is attached before the word bar... but it puts a thin horizontal bar on your screen, which you can move anywhere... it fits very handily at the very top of my screen... and it tells you what area you are in, your level, how much xp to the next level in a bar and/or numbers, if your horse is hungry, how much gold you have, how many bag slots are left (or how many are used if you prefer), how many soul shards you have (empty/full), how many crafting "lessons" you have going, the time... there is more but I can't recall it right off hand.

There are also settings elsewhere to

Make chat bar so it won't fade
Show loot you've acquired in chat window (for auto looting)
Make your onscreen quest log show all your quests and you can customize the colors, font sizes, background color and opacity, etc.

Another addon that I like is Harvest Map, which tracks the resources nodes you have mined. Very handy. It allows you to have them show up on your compass bar too.

Does anyone know if any of the toolbar addons let you have all 10 slots up at once rather than having to switch weapons? I hate it that on my sorceror, the pets take up slots and I can't summon them and switch weapons to get other skills because the pets disappear.

ALSO... is there anything that transforms the quickslots to a bar instead of that wheel. The wheel is okay if I am selecting fish bait... or food. Not for selecting potions in the middle of a fight. hehee


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