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re: Look at how Crafty we are!


Should we start some threads where we can advertise our crafting specialties so if someone has a need they know who they can contact? Perhaps a thread for cooking and everyone who cooks can post there? Another for potions and another for enchanting, etc.

They'd need to be stickied so they are easy to find. Or maybe put them in a subforum? *Shrugs*

It would also be handy, for potions/enchanting in particular, to start with a list of most useful items and ingredients needed to craft them. Those are both very straightforward and the recipes don't change much if at all as you progress.

Listing cooking items may or may not be productive, given there are so many different recipes and items used in those recipes depending on which alliance you are in.

Lastly, if we go with the subforum for crafting, it would be nice to have hints/tips from players thread. I only learned yesterday that potions with a negative effect (stun, slow, ravage, etc.) currently only affect the player USING the potion, not their opponent. I don't know why this is. It is not that way in Skyrim (nor Oblivion as I recall but memory there is very vague hehe) and I can only assume that is part of the game they plan to expand on in the future. It is rather pointless to have a plethora of materials that no one wants to use.

Though I did see a player running about town the other day in slow motion, obviously having used a slow potion. It was funny. hehe

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