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About Refugee League of Tamriel
The war for the Dragon Throne has torn the land of Tamriel apart.  In every corner of the civilized world, families, homes, friends and allies, neighbors and bitter enemies, find their former lives destroyed and their world turned upside down.  In the wake of the devastation and destruction, the lost and disenfranchised find a bitter comfort in each other.

Here gathers the Refugee League of Tamriel.  Born of loss and sorrow, or drawn by the desire to heal and rebuild; a new family bound not just by blood, but by shared experience that breaks down the old barriers of nation and history.  For as long as you are here, you are our new family.

None of you are bound to stay longer than you will.  We all wish to rebuild or return to our lives, and we understand that that may take us away from each other someday.  This is a family for now, and stay forever or leave tomorrow, today, you are family.

The Refugee League of Tamriel is a home away from home for members of, and friends of, the Lonely Mountain Band Kinship of Lord of the Rings Online, in the world of Elder Scrolls Online.  Having found a time-tested family in LOTRO, and another exciting and intriguing world in ESO, we've decided to create a place where LMB members can find each other and rekindle their old friendships, while experiencing a new game and a new world.  Welcome my friends!  I hope you find this home away from home as welcoming and enriching as our first home in LOTRO.
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